Privacy Policy

OC Times cares about private information and is obligated to protect it. This privacy policy may change in future without notification, however users and visitors can read any change on this page.

Information that OC Times Requires;

We require certain information from you for joining our site;

IP Adress
We never collect any information from visitors who are not users just regular guests. Your (when you become a user) information will be seen to other users, visitors, upon your choice. Your IP address will not be shared with 3rd parties unless we got demanded by authorities. Your IP address is used to analyze O.C. Times.


Cookies are information saved in your browser about your visits. They help your browser preserve your visits. To use in the best way cookies are used in your browser. use cookies when you visit.

3rd Party Cookies

3rd party cookies are used by ads by Google like Google Adx or Adsense on DART cookie is what Google use as a cookie and it serves to provide information of visitors to advertise based on it. It is all about user based advertisement of Google. We never sell your information or share it to anybody or any company. We kept it in servers in case of changes or missed information. Information of users and visitors are visible to owner of the profile and they can be changed in future. To see these information or to change them go to “my account” settings. Contact us about any complaint.