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About Nando's

Here you may learn about Nando's Opening Times and closing time details regarding holidays as well.
Also, each Nando's locations as well as restaurant phone, address, map and services.
OC Times focus on Nando's locations in the United Kingdom.
Today, they have over 1000 outlets internationally and in the UK, they operate over 390 locations.
In order to contact for general enquiries, you would need to give them a call or chat online directly.
Moreover, new stores are going to open in UK and Ireland.

Call and Chat on these hours excluding bank holidays:
9:30 am - 5pm - Mon - Fri - Chat
9am - 5:30 pm - Mon - Fri - Phone Call

Nando's Locations and Services

Nando's Restaurants are famous for their Mozambican-Portuguese style peri-peri chicken since 1987.
You can also give feedback on the contact page of Nando's official web page.
If you want to partake in the business of Nando's email at
Music is a special feature of some Nando's restaurants.
They play music compilations from artists like Afro Cuban All Stars.
Another unique thing about this restaurant chain is Nando's Nino which is designed for rush hours.
Smaller space, smaller portions and takeaway style food for people who are on their way to work or anything which is in a hurry.
Gift cards, Nando's card, offers and discounts and High 5 - Black Card are some of the advantages of Nando's stores.
You will earn rewards and points with these cards.
You can register on the card page of Nando's official site.
They have an online takeaway service, too.

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