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Lidl Opening Times and details of each store across the United Kingdom are available in each store page.
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Closing times for holidays, contact information, map location and more related information.
OC Times is a place where you can spot the Lidl hours in general not just opening and closing times.

Originally German company Lidl, is one of the greatest discount supermarket chain all around the world.
Number of locations of Lidl in UK is over 700 and you can see all of them with individual pages here.
Lidl's product range and its marketing strategy like Aldi, is a direct no-waste approach.
In fact, Lidl is active almost all over the Europe.
Products of Lidl can be thought as two categories; food and non-food products.
Lidl is one of the places you can find a packaged food really quickly for a good price.
Besides, they have recipes, clothing products, and mix and match sales.
You might also find leaflets occasionally or regularly.
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